Nuts & Bolts 102: Flying. Finding Fares, and Flying Well.


As the year 2006 reluctantly gave way to the rule of 2007, I accepted a job as a Pilot for my first airline. Instantaneously, I ceased to be of any use whatsoever to the throngs of friends & acquaintances who directed their air-travel-fare questions toward me.

No matter. Though I now travel for free, the process of finding a ticket over-seas is actually rather simple. It involves hard work, perseverance, and long obsessive research. Yes. I’m deeply sorry. There are no secrets to reveal here.

Fret not, however. Technology comes to the rescue, and we can do this together.

The rules seem to say that we should check early, check often, and compare such sites as these:

Google Flights

Where possible, we’ll start our search a few months in advance, if “cheap” is our goal. Once we see a slight downward trend in fares, we will choose our fare, but we will not choose the least inexpensive fare. We are looking for the best.

So many options!
So many options!

Our flight sets the tone for our travel experience, correct? Arriving in good shape will give us another day to enjoy our destination, rather than wasting one day in a stupor. Let’s do it right.

Modern air-travel is comparatively better, and more comfortable than ever before. Let’s face it; it’s a marvel of modern technology. Still, cabin altitudes remain above 7,000 feet (2,100 meters.) Humidity remains low, seats are somewhat smaller than we’d hope, and cleaning isn’t always as perfect as we’d wish. It’s up to us to take care.

We’ll fly direct when possible, lessening our exposure to the flight environment, sitting somewhere away from distractions, facilitating rest.

We’ll treat our body well before departing, catering to our essential needs with a bit more attention than usual.

Also, we’ll hydrate copiously while en route.

We’ll rest on the schedule of our destination, at least a few days in advance, and do our best to keep it up while in transit, despite the distractions we are bound to encounter.

We’ll download our airline’s travel app, or use a substitute, and stay on top of delays in the system, arriving to our assigned gate of departure no later than 45 minutes prior to our scheduled departure time.

These basic search tips, and means of conducting ourselves will put us on point to start our trips properly, & stress free.

Thanks for reading!

Next, we’ll discuss where to stay once we’ve arrived at our destination of choice.


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